Dear White Women - Sara Blanchard & Misasha Suzuki Graham

  • Eigenschappen

If you move through daily life without a lot of thought as to how privilege or race impacts every decision that you make, then the concept of discussing race might be a new one, or an uncomfortable one. We’re living in a society that is fundamentally based on systems of advantages for people based on skin color, but one that many White people do not know much about. As a result, when faced with that racist joke, or pointed comment, do you know what to say? Do you realize much later what you wish you could have said? Or do you stay silent, smiling and nodding, so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings?

If you answered - or even paused yes - to the above, then this is the book for you. Sara and Misasha break down not only the psychology and barriers to meaningful race discussions for White people, but also the history and statistics behind Black and other non-Black POC racism and discrimination in this country, all in short targeted chapters for a focused, quick read. At the end of each section, they provide a few practical, concrete tips for addressing these issues when (not if, when) they come up - at home, at work, in social groups, etc. - and how having these conversations or asking these questions within your own small spheres of influence may not seem like much, but can, in reality, push the needle of change in the direction that we all need to be going.