Queens of Beirut - Renske Diks


Beirut is a city full of contrasts: a beautiful Mediterranean metropolis with visible scars from the past, from the civil war (1975-1990) and the recent devastating explosion in the port of Beirut (2020). A vibrant city, burdened by one of the worst financial crises in history. ‘Queens of Beirut’ explores how the local drag community moves through this city. How do Lebanese drag queens relate to each other, society, and the current state the country is in? Meet Sultana Queen, Narcissa, Sit Yanna, Latiza Bombé,Robyn Hoes, Anissa Krana and Emma Gration, and their personal stories on trauma, love, family, drag, Lebanon, and above all, being yourself. Renske Diks is an anthropologist, photographer and she works in the film business. In 2019, she lost her heart to Lebanon and in 2021 she did an ethnographic research on the drag community there. 

‘Renske Diks flawlessly sketches the Beirut that I also know so well. Through the eyes and gripping and hopeful stories of drag queens, she shows us this Middle Eastern city, raw, with all of its faces and with all the extremes that go with it: Beirut leaves no one untouched.’ - Merijn Tol, author of 'Beiroet'