The happy couple - Naoise Dolan


Hugh and Grace are two young professionals with pretty teeth and a house in south Dublin.
They are in mutual unrequited love with each other. Hugh is in love with the surprisingly vulnerable reality of Grace, but she is known to herself and everyone she knows as a girl-who-has-it-all. Grace is in love with the dashingly marriageable idea of Hugh, but has yet to engage with the actually-very-neurotic-sometimes-even-Catholic reality of him.
Watching on is Tara - Grace's sister, dry and pragmatic and truth-telling - and Archie - best man at the wedding, he has spent ten years being Hugh's boyfriend, with the slight complication that Hugh hasn't been his boyfriend back.
As the wedding approaches and the key players converge, each will find themselves looking for a path to their happily ever after - but does it lie at the end of an aisle?