Burn It Down, women writing about anger - Lilly Dancyger

  • Eigenschappen

The rage of women is at a high: sparked by the Women's March of early 2017, stoked by countless policies of the Trump administration, and finally reaching incineration levels over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in October 2018. But this issue isn't just timely--there's depth to the idea of women's rage: who gets to be angry (white women, black women, young women)? How do women express their anger? And what will they do with it as a collective? In Burn It Down, a diverse group of women authors explore what rage means to them--from the personal to the systemic, the unackowledged to the public, and more. One woman describes a complicated rage at one's own body--for being ill with no explanation--while another writes of the rage she inherits from her father. One Pakistani-American contributor says, to openly express my anger would be too American, and explains why. Edited by Lilly Dancyger, a Catapult editor and writing instructor, Burn It Down is an anthology that offers literary catharsis and narrative variety to the many readers who have propelled Rebecca Traiser's Good and Mad to the NYT bestseller list.