Theedoek No One Wants To Watch You Eat That Banana


Our straight-shootin' No One Wants To Watch You Eat That Banana Dish Towel will help your dirty mind keep the kitchen clean!

A cheeky piece of kitchen decor this otherwise innocent looking banana is putting your obscene thoughts on full display. Featuring a large peeled banana, waiting to be eaten, surrounded by flowers and smaller versions of the latter.

We believe "size doesn't matter" to be a phallicy, therefore we don't mind bragging about the size of this towel - it's large and in charge! No matter what size the spill, it will be there to wipe the smirk off your twisted little face.

Made from super-soft, absorbent 100% cotton. Towel measures approximately 28 inches tall x 21 inches wide. Brightly colored with banana yellow, green, organe, and lilac. 1% of the sales of BlueQ Dish Towels will benefit hunger relief programs around the world