FAQ – English Version

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up to become a member?

You can sign up by ‘buying’ a yearly donation in our webshop. Here you can choose and pay for your preferred donation (and perks). It’s that simple. Thank you for your support!


For which period do I donate money?

You donate money for a year. After that year we will send you an invoice. So we don’t collect anything automatically. You can even change the amount you wish to donate or end your membership with the term of payment. In this way you have full control over your donations! Of course we hope that you’ll stay a member for a long time 🙂


What should I do when I want to donate but not become a supporter?

One-time donations are very welcome too of course! You can easily transfer your preferred amount via our webshop Thank you for your support!

Why do you work with yearly donations instead of monthly donations?

The administration of donations is easier for us to process on a yearly basis. And in this way we also know how much support we can count on that year. That gives us clarity. Thank you for understanding!

What should I do if I’m already a member of Savannah’s Support?

We’ll contact you shortly. Haven’t heard from us? Contact us at

What should I do when I want to cancel my membership?

Of course we’re sad to see you go, but thank you for your support! Cancelling is easy: just send us an email at and we’ll remove your name from the list. 

Didn’t see your question here? Email us at We’re happy to help!