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CURSUS: CULTURELE REPRESENTATIES - BOEK: Representation. Second Edition - Stuart Hall


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Since 1997 Representation has been the key go-to textbook for students learning the tools to question and critically analyze institutional and media texts and images. This long-awaited Second Edition: * update and refreshes the approach to theories of representation by signalling key developments in the field * addresses the emergence of new technologies and formats of representation, from the internet and the digital revolution to reality TV * includes an entirely new chapter on celebrity culture and personalisation, to debates about representation and democracy, and involve illustrations of an intertextual nature, cutting across various technologies and formats in which 'the real' or the authentic makes an appearance * offers new exercises, new readings, new images and examples for a new generation of students This book will once again prove an indispensible resource for students and teachers in cultural and media studies.

CODE: Boek9317
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10 dagen
Hall, Stuart
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