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COURSE: INTRODUCTION TO GENDER STUDIES - BOOK: Doing gender in media, art and culture - Rosemarie Buikema


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'Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture', 2nd edition is a comprehensive gender studies textbook with an international focus and relevance across a broad range of academic disciplines. Covering an array of topics, theories and approaches to gender studies, it introduces students to the study of gender through geographically diverse case studies on different historical and contemporary figures. The volume covers the established canon of gender studies, including questions of representation, standpoints and intersectionality.

It addresses emerging areas including religion, technology and online feminist engagement, as well as complex contemporary phenomena such as globalization, neoliberalism and `fundamentalism'. Core figures ranging from Simone de Beauvoir to Gloria Anzaldua and from Florence Nightingale to Malala Yousafzai serve as prisms of gender-sensitive analysis for each chapter. This vibrant textbook is essential reading for anyone in need of an accessible yet sophisticated guide to gender studies today.

CODE: boek13385
Prijs: 47,50 (incl. BTW)
10 dagen
Rosemarie Buikema
Taylor & Francis
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