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The Trans Generation - Ann Travers

Some "boys" will only wear dresses; some "girls" refuse to wear dresses; in both cases, as Ann Travers shows in this fascinating account of the lives of transgender kids, these are often more than just wardrobe choices. Travers shows that from very early ages, some at two and...
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The making of a man - Maxim Februari

In the autumn of 2012, Maxim Februari announced his intention to live as a man. The news was greeted with a diversity of reactions, from curiosity to unease. These responses made it absolutely clear to Februari that most of us don’t know how to think about transsexuality. 'The...
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Prijs : 24,95 (incl. BTW)

To My Trans Sisters - Charlie Craggs

An empowering, heartfelt collection of letters from celebrated trans women addressed to those who are transitioning. Each letter offers honest advice from their own experience on everything from make-up and dating, through to deeper subjects like battling dysphoria and dealing...
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Transgender history (2nd edition) - Susan Stryker

A timely second edition of the classic text on transgender history, with a new introduction and updated material throughout. Transgender History takes a chronological approach to the subject of transgender history, with each chapter covering major movements, writings, and...
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Prijs : 19,95 (incl. BTW)

Gender Outlaw - Kate Bornstein

Part coming-of-age story, part mind-altering manifesto on gender and sexuality, coming directly to you from the life experiences of a transgender woman, "Gender Outlaw" breaks all the rules and leaves the reader forever changed. 26 black-and-white illustrations.
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Transgender in Nederland

Historicus Alex Bakker beschrijft voor het eerst de geschiedenis van transgenders in Nederland en laat hen - van de oudste pioniers tot de jongste genderkinderen - zelf aan het woord. Bij de geboorte wordt voor elk kind standaard de keuze gemaakt: jongen of meisje. Maar niet...
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Prijs : 24,90 (incl. BTW)

TSQ Posposttranssexual

TSQ aims to be the journal of record for the rapidly emerging field of transgender studies. The inaugural issue, “Postposttranssexual: Key Concepts for a 21st-Century Transgender Studies,” pays homage to Sandy Stone's field-defining “Posttranssexual Manifesto” and assesses...
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Het Grote Roze Boek voor de Katholieke Kerk

De katholieke kerk ziet transgenders als een groot probleem. Er blijken veel transmannen in die kerk actief te zijn geweest. Transgender vrouwen waren minder zichtbaar. De katholieke kerk stond echter niet onwelwillend tegenover castraties. Enkele heiligen uit het Limburgse...
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Man of vrouw, min of meer - Tim de Jong

Transgender personen zijn de laatste jaren zichtbaarder geworden. Tegenwoordig kennen de meeste mensen wel een transvrouw of transman van de tv of in de eigen omgeving. Mensen die van geslacht veranderen worden steeds meer geaccepteerd. Dat er ook mensen zijn voor wie beide...
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The Trans Partner Handbook; a guide for when your partner transitions ~ Jo Green

A detailed step-by-step look at the different stages of transitioning for partners of trans people. With personal reflections from over 15 trans partners in healthy and successful relationships, this insightful guide provides practical advice for those supporting a partner as...
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Prijs : 17,95 (incl. BTW)

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