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Thuis in muziek - Alicja Gescinska

Maakt muziek mens en maatschappij beter? In de loop der tijd hebben filosofen zich met grote scepsis over die vraag gebogen. Plato waarschuwde dat muziek gevaarlijke veranderingen in de maatschappij kan veroorzaken. Eeuwen later wees Adorno op de schadelijke kracht van jazz,...
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Prijs : 18,99 (incl. BTW)

Respect: The Life of Aretha Franklin ~ David Ritz

Aretha Franklin began life as the golden daughter of a progressive and promiscuous Baptist preacher. Raised without her mother, she was a gospel prodigy who gave birth to two sons in her teens and left them and her native Detroit for New York, where she struggled to find her...
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Prijs : 19,95 (incl. BTW)


Gothic music - Isabella van Elferen

Gothic Music - The Sounds of the Uncanny traces sonic Gothic through history and genres from the eighteenth-century ghost story through the spooky soundtracks of cinema, television and video games to the dark music of the Goth subculture.
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Prijs : 33,95 (incl. BTW)


Women of the Underground: Music. Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves - Zora von Burden

In a series of twenty candid interviews with influential women musicians, author Zora von Burden gives the forerunners of this generation a voice, and probes the depths of how and why they broke through society’s limitations to create works of outstanding measure. Among the...
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Prijs : 17,95 (incl. BTW)


Girls To The Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution - Sara Marcus

Girls to the Front is the epic, definitive history of Riot Grrrl—the radical feminist uprising that exploded into the public eye in the 1990s and included incendiary punk bands Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, and Huggy Bear. A dynamic chronicle not just a movement...
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Prijs : 15,95 (incl. BTW)


Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music - Marisa Meltzer

I n the early nineties, riot grrrl exploded onto the underground music scene, inspiring girls to pick up an instrument, create fanzines, and become politically active. Rejecting both traditional gender roles and their parents’ brand of feminism, riot grrrls celebrated and...
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Prijs : 14,95 (incl. BTW)


A Language of Song; journeys in the musical world of the African Diaspora - Samuel Charters

In A Language of Song, Samuel Charters—one of the pioneering collectors of African American music—writes of a trip to West Africa where he found “a gathering of cultures and a continuing history that lay behind the flood of musical expression [he] encountered everywhere . . ....
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Prijs : 27,95 (incl. BTW)