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Capitalist Superheroes - Caped crusaders in the neoliberal age - Dan Hassler-Forrest

In the same way that Stallone and Schwarzenegger played film heroes who came to embody the values of Ronald Reagans aggressive conservative agenda in the 1980s, the 21st-century film narratives of Batman, Spider-Man and Superman reflect the policies of the Bush Doctrine after...
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Prijs : 21,95 (incl. BTW)

The Chibok Girls - Helon Habila

An urgent Penguin Special investigating the 2014 mass-kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls by the world's deadliest terrorists On 14th April 2014, 276 girls disappeared from a secondary school in northern Nigeria, kidnapped by the world's deadliest terror group. A tiny number have...
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Prijs : 10,50

What animals teach us about politics - Brian Massumi

In What Animals Teach Us about Politics, Brian Massumi takes up the question of "the animal." By treating the human as animal, he develops a concept of an animal politics. His is not a human politics of the animal, but an integrally animal politics, freed from connotations of...
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Prijs : 23,95 (incl. BTW)

Guantanamo dagboek - Mohamedou Ould Slahi

Een ongekende internationale gebeurtenis: de publicatie van het eerste en enige dagboek dat is geschreven door een gevangene die nog steeds vastzit in Guantánamo. Sinds 2002 zit Mohamedou Slahi in Guantánamo Bay op Cuba.In al die jaren is hij nooit van een misdaad beschuldigd...
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Prijs : 19,95 (incl. BTW)

I Am Malala - Malala Yousafzai

Fully updated! I come from a country which was created at midnight. When I almost died it was just after midday. When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education. On...
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Prijs : 11,95 (incl. BTW)

Oikofobie - Thierry Baudet

Oikofobie is het tegenovergestelde van xenofobie. Niet de angst voor het vreemde, maar voor het eigene. Een afkeer van geborgenheid; het willen stukmaken van het thuis. Oikofobie is wat de westerse elites drijft. Modernisme in de kunsten, multiculturalisme en het Europese...
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Prijs : 14,95 (incl. BTW)

Off the network - Ulises Ali Mejias

Critiques how the Internet, social media, and the digital network change users’ understanding of the world Off the Network is a fresh and authoritative examination of how the hidden logic of the Internet, social media, and the digital network is changing users’...
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Prijs : 22,95 (incl. BTW)

The autobiography of Malcolm X - Malcolm X, Alex Haley

They called him the 'angriest black man in America' ...Malcolm X inspired many people in the United States. This autobiography, tells of a young, disenfranchised man whose descent into drug addition, robbery and prison was only reversed by his belief in the rights struggle for...
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Prijs : 16,95 (incl. BTW)


The new Jim Crow - Michelle Alexander

As the United States celebrates the nation's "triumph over race" with the election of Barack Obama, the majority of young black men in major American cities are locked behind bars or have been labeled felons for life. Although Jim Crow laws have been wiped off the books, an...
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Prijs : 19,95 (incl. BTW)


From Palestine to Israel - Ariella Azoulay

The present photo book uses a new approach to the explanation of the Palestine/Israel conflict. By reading over more than 200 photographs, Ariella Azoulay recounts the four crucial years that determine the history of this conflict till today. She analyses the photos as...
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Prijs : 25,95 (incl. BTW)

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