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The Reading Woman II - A Book of Postcards

CADEAU_The+Reading+Woman+II+-+A+Book+of+Postcards Thorougly engrossed in the printed word, the reading woman pays us scant attention. What writing captivates her so? Is it a letter from a friends? A book of poetry? A romantic novel, travelogue, or political manifesto?
Artists have long found the reading woman a worthy subject, fascinating for all she doesn't reveal. We'll never know what she's thinking as she turns the pages - whether she's plotting her escape or merely relaxing, studying intently or lost in a daydream. But that leaves our imagination free to fill in the details; in rendering the reading woman, the artist creates as much a mirror as a window.
This book of postcards presents thirty variations on the reading woman theme, by artists ranging in time from the early eighteenth century to the early twentieth. All of the works are from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, a world renowned museum recognized fot the quality and scope of its encyclopedic collection.

The Reading Woman II Postcard Book contains 30 high quality reproductions of paintings, bound together in a single handy volume. Each postcard removes easily for individual use and mailing.

Printed on heavy card stock. Measures 4-3/4″ x 6-7/8″

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