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Women's Studies. The Basics - Bonnie G. Smith

Women’s Studies: The Basics is an accessible introduction into the ever expanding and increasingly relevant field of studies focused on women. Tracing the history of the discipline from its origins, this text sets out the main agendas of women’s studies and feminism, exploring...
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Prijs : 21,95 (incl. BTW)


Testo Junkie - Beatriz Preciado

What constitutes a "real" man or woman in the twenty-first century? Since birth control pills, erectile dysfunction remedies, and factory-made testosterone and estrogen were developed, biology is definitely no longer destiny. In this penetrating analysis of gender, Beatriz...
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Prijs : 24,95 (incl. BTW)


Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives : The Power of Information - Sanne Koevoets, Sarah de Jong

This book is a part of the series Teaching with Gender, European Women s Studies in International and Interdisciplinary Classrooms, jointly published with ATGENDER, The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation. It invites teachers and students in...
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Prijs : 29,95 (incl. BTW)


Animals and the Human Imagination - Aaron Gross, Anne Vallely

Human beings have long imagined their subjectivity, ethics, and ancestry with and through animals, yet not until the mid-twentieth century did contemporary thought reflect critically on animals' significance in human self-conception. Thinkers such as French philosopher Jacques...
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Prijs : 32,95 (incl. BTW)


Homeward Bound: Why Women are Embracing the New Domesticity - Emily Matchar

Amid today’s rising anxieties—the economy, the scary state of the environment, the growing sense that the American Dream hasn’t turned out to be so dreamy after all—a groundswell of women (and more than a few men) are choosing to embrace an unusual rebellion: domesticity. A...
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Prijs : 25,95 (incl. BTW)


Doubting Sex - Geertje Mak

An adolescent girl is mocked when she takes a bath with her peers, because her genitals look like those of a boy. A couple visits a doctor asking to 'create more space' in the woman for intercourse. A doctor finds testicular tissue in a woman with appendicitis, and decides to...
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Prijs : 21,50 (incl. BTW)

My New Gender Workbook - Kate Bornstein

"This updated edition of Bornstein's formative My Gender Workbook (1997) provides an invigorating introduction to contemporary theory around gender, sexuality, and power. The original is a classic of modern transgender theory and literature and, alongside Bornstein's other...
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Prijs : 43,00 (incl. BTW)


Veiled Sentiments - Lila Abu-lughod

Lila Abu-Lughod lived with a community of Bedouins in the Western Desert of Egypt for nearly two years, studying gender relations and the oral lyric poetry through which women and young men express personal feelings. The poems are haunting, the evocation of emotional life...
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Prijs : 28,95 (incl. BTW)


Gaga Feminism; sex, gender, and the end of moral - J.Jack Halberstam

A roadmap to sex and gender for the twenty-first century, using Lady Gaga as a symbol for a new kind of feminism Why are so many women single, so many men resisting marriage, and so many gays and lesbians having babies? In Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of...
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Prijs : 31,95 (incl. BTW)


Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality - Hanne Blank

Like the typewriter and the light bulb, the heterosexual was invented in the 1860s and swiftly transformed Western culture. The idea of "the heterosexual" was unprecedented. After all, men and women had been having sex, marrying, building families, and sometimes even falling...
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Prijs : 21,50 (incl. BTW)

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