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Disability Studies - Dan Goodley


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This introduction to disability studies represents a clear, engaging and consistently thought-provoking study of the field. The book discusses the global nature of disability studies and disability politics, introduces key debates in the field and represents the intersections of disability studies with feminist, class, queer and postcolonial analyses. The book has a clear and coherent format which matches the interdisciplinary framework of disability studies - including chapters on sociology, critical psychology, discourse analysis, psychoanalysis and education. Sitting alongside discussions on the global and glocal significance of disability studies these chapters include: Society: Sociological disability studies; Individuals: De-psychologising disability studies; Psychology: Critical psychological disability studies; Culture: Psychoanalytic disability studies; and, Education: Inclusive disability studies. Each chapter engages with important areas of analysis such as the individual, society, community and education to explore the realities of oppression experienced by disabled people and to develop the possibilities for addressing it. Broad, dynamic and interdisciplinary in scope this book will be crucial reading for students, researchers and practitioners alike.

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Dan Goodley
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